Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, has become one of Nigeria’s choice destinations for travelers due its safety and ambience, a hotelier, Babalola Olubusola, has said.

According to her, the state can further grow its tourism potential by giving more incentives to hospitality industry operators. She said such incentives by the government will help to ameliorate some of the challenges they face.

Olubusola, who is the Manager of World Lilies Guest House & Event Place, Ibadan, at a briefing, said the state can greatly contribute to the projection that Nigeria is expected to be the fastest-growing hospitality market in Africa.

“It is not by chance that Oluyole in Ibadan, where World Lilies is situated, has been famously acknowledged as one of the most welcoming cities for travelers and top business executives by an advocacy group,” she said.

Olubusola emphasized that operators also have a role to play in growing the hospitality industry. “Achieving customer satisfaction in the hospitality industry is never a task for the minnows. It is, thus, an assignment that requires a deliberately planned and sustained effort geared towards achieving organizational goals and objectives. In our world today, great hospitality experience has gone beyond mere attending to customers’ needs, regardless of whether it is a hotel, restaurant, cafe, or any other type of hospitality business.”

“It takes more than just catering to a customer’s needs to engender unparalleled, all-encompassing hospitality experience in a world that is gradually but steadily becoming a global village with the aid of technology.”

“This comes with creating a long-lasting feeling in the minds of visitors from diverse backgrounds and leanings; and this means every worker must align and maintain a high level of professionalism, by projecting at all times positive and friendly attitude in the course of their day-to-day activities and engagement with the customers.”

Olubusola said “the Centre, located in the highbrow Moor Plantation, GRA, Oluyole, Ibadan, is a blend of a symbolic lily flower bed with an imposing edifice seating at the heart of the rustic city.”

According to her “since its inception, promoters of World Lilies Guest House have invested huge resources – both human and material – to keep the Centre aglow with state-of-the-art facilities to meet the taste of lovers of top hospitality services.”

“By this, as people visit the ancient city of Ibadan and through World Lilies for different reasons; these reasons become stories and those stories become reasons to visit again.”

“At World Lilies, esteemed guests are treated to a luxury of refreshments and relaxation spots – little wonder the facility has now become home to top dignitaries, government functionaries, captains of industries and other celebrities who usually throng the Centre for their array of events.”

“With its strategic location, World Lilies is a 40-minute drive from the Ibadan airport. Another striking attribute of World Lilies is its peculiar ambience coupled with the serene environment which most users have come to identify with.”

“To each unique traveler, hospitality at World Lilies has nothing to do with the flamboyant display, rather it goes hand-in-hand with a touch of class, excellence and royalty at every opportunity without distorting the need for simplicity and modesty.”

“It is not the expensiveness of the food or the availability of top relaxation facilities that characterize the many acts of hospitality which people often experience at the facility. The goal of hospitality at World Lilies is to make customers feel at home whenever they visit.”

Olubusola said “the facility sits on the banks of the upscale highbrow Moor Plantation, from where guests enjoy scenic views of the up-and-coming city. Before we did the architectural design, we went to town to assess other event centers in the city.” “We listened to people’s complaints about existing event centers. We put all that together in our drawing,” the Promoter of the Centre stated.

“I understand that there are many challenges but it’s never a write-off, not in this era of new technologies, tourism and development.” She noted that the hotel business is always in high demand as more and more people are travelling and in need of accommodation. “That is why all our facilities are of international standard. What I would say is that the business is capital-intensive, so one must be patient to see it unfold and glow steadily,” she said.

World Lilies Guest House and Events Place, she added, guarantees a world-class experience with a large hall that can be arranged to suit a wide range of events from 800 for a banquet dinner to 1500 for a theatre-style event.

There are also provisions for meetings and conferences. Business guests appreciate the hotel’s proximity to key institutions such as the airport, and banking districts, while leisure guests enjoy quick access to several shopping malls and other top attractions in the neighborhood.

Amenities include a safe and secure environment, free high-speed wireless Internet and 24/7 air-conditioning, a range of continental and international dishes or Nigerian cuisine at the on-site restaurant or light meal at our Bar & Grill.

“So are you planning a business event, wedding, or other special occasions?”

We offer flexible packages that come with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment and splendid accessories.”