These were the words of the management of World Lilies through its Hotel manager, Olubusola Babalola, while speaking on sustainability and breaking even in hospitality business and service, adding that in today’s world, great hospitality experience has gone beyond mere attending to customers’ needs, regardless of whether it is a hotel, restaurant, cafe, or any other type of hospitality business. 

“Achieving customers’ satisfaction in the hospitality industry is never a task for the minnows. It is thus an assignment that requires a deliberately planned and sustained effort geared towards achieving organizational goals and objectives.” 

“It takes more than just catering to a customer’s needs to be engendering unparalleled, all-encompassing hospitality experience in a world that is gradually but steadily becoming a global village with the aid of technology. This comes with creating a long-lasting feeling in the minds of the visitors from diverse backgrounds and leanings; and this means every worker must align and maintain high level of professionalism, by projecting at all times positive and friendly attitude in the course of their day-to-day activities and engagement with the customers. 

“This is what we practice at World Lilies since we started in February 2018, and we are proud to say we have come through thick and thin to create a niche among contemporaries to create a home away from home in the heart of the rustic city of Ibadan. 

“Hotel business is always in high demand as more and more people are travelling and in need of accommodation. That is why all our facilities are of international standard. What I would say is that the business is capital-intensive, so one must be patient to see it unfold and glow steadily,” she said.